How much do you trust our health system?
Does our legal system enable big corporations to harm us?
Can one mom make a difference?

Shirley Blaier-Stein is proud to present her new book:

The Needle Of Justice

Maya Stone, an autism mom from Fairview, Connecticut, dealing with her son Ben’s day-to-day hardship, observes in horror how the number of children affected by neurological disorders in the United States is rising exponentially and nobody can explain why.
Maya, who used to practice law, comes up with a legal theory that turns into a class action involving many families in order to expose the truth behind the suffering of so many children.

How far would the defendants go to protect their multimillion-dollar enterprise?
Would Maya’s son stay safe?

How will the needle of justice turn?

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“Blaier-Stein has harnessed her legal expertise to capture the essence of a determined mother’s love and commitment to exposing those who harmed her child. The Needle of Justice is a perfect balance of fictional storytelling and all too real facts.”

- Kim Rossi, author of All I can Handle, I’m No Mother Teresa

“A fascinating thriller brilliantly intertwining the dilemmas in medicine, science and law.”

Professor Mary Holland

“Gripping. Masterfully woven plot.”

J. LM Donegan, M.D.

For a limited time, you can get Chapter 1 FREE when you contact us here:

Hello there, I'm

Shirley Blaier-Stein

Shirley Blaier-Stein is an autism mom, attorney, autism activist, and director of research and project development in the autism field.

Shirley’s first book, Autism Mom: New Ways of Thinking tells the story of her journey from hopeless to empowered, and introduces new concepts in understanding autism.

Shirley speaks before parents, professionals, companies and organizations and is known to inspire her listeners and open their minds to the enormous potential of people with autism. Among Shirley’s many speaking engagements, she had spoken twice at the United Nations, and has appeared on local and international television.

Readers’ reviews describe Shirley as “an excellent storyteller” and her book as “exceptional,” “beautiful,” and “a gem, very special and like nothing I have ever read.”

“An excellent book. The author touches upon true legal matters that affect each and every one of us. Highly recommended!”

A. Eshel, Esq.

“Blaier-Stein did a great job with this story about a mom who will stop at nothing to help her injured son and reveal the truth about those who harmed him. You’re guaranteed to love Maya Stone. Wonderful page turner.”

C. Waxman

“The needle of justice is a fascinating book about the uphill battle of a brave determined mother whose son was harmed. This mother led a team of lawyers and researchers to test the liability of the companies that produced and sold the product with the authorization of the government and have caused great harm to many children. A deep look into the legal and professional aspects makes the team realize just how complicated this is and what a great challenge they're facing. The companies are making every effort to prevent the success of the team. The author's writing keeps you interested and wrapped in suspense throughout the book. You won’t be able to put this book down till the very end.”

Motty B.

For a limited time, you can get Chapter 1 FREE when you contact us here:

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