gps for autism treatment

Being an autism parent means lots of things. Like planning ahead. I mean really. Everything. You never know what will work and what not so you have to be ready for everything. My friend Rena says you have to be like a chess player – plan three moves ahead. My friend Gretchen says you have to be like a colonel in a battle field, because you never know where the next grenade will come from.

The biggest thing for me with autism is figuring out the healing journey of treatments and therapies. There are so many things out there: From the mainstream speech and occupational therapy to horses, music and the million alternative therapies. There are so many different diets and supplements.

Many times we started something and it looked like it was working very well. But then it stopped. And then sometimes things get worse!

I wish there was a GPS for therapy. Something that would help me figure out in real time whether something is working and what to expect soon. Like if whatever we are doing right now is working the device will say “keep straight!” And if it is working but we have to change something soon it will say “in 800 yards, turn right!” If something is about to completely fail or get worse my GPS will say “turn around when possible!”

And once we have done everything possible known to man and it actually all worked, the device will say what all of us autism parents long to hear: “You Have Reached Your Destination!”

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