about the miracle

What if you couldn’t talk, communicate or be understood? What if, because you couldn’t talk, people assumed that you cannot understand either and treated you like a baby?
This happens to many non-verbal children with autism.
I am so happy to report that after working with Dan using a novel and excellent communication method called RPM, I am able to do long lessons with him about the world, art, and his favorite, U.S. History. We sit for 30, 40 minutes at a time, sometimes longer, and go back and forth with learning and questions and answers.
He has never communicated this well before and we are all very excited about what the future will bring.
RPM is not only about the special technique used to communicate – a letter board that eventually becomes typing! – but is also a way of thinking: assume competence, treat the nonverbal child like any other child his age, speak to them that way, teach them about the world, open them to new people and experiences, let their personality and creativity come out in the best way possible.
I was inspired to teach Dan about Mexico and then the family travelled there, to see the Maya ruins (and be at the pool and beach too, of course!)
It was always so important to me to teach him about the world, and now I can!

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