about believing

Do you know how when we truly want something and believe in it, then it’s more likely to come true? When we absolutely focus on it, our brain creates paths and possibilities for us to work towards and come closer to whatever it is that we want. Ask and it is given, pray and you will get it. Whatever you call this, our minds have the power, and the things we have in our lives are a result of what we unconsciously truly want and believe.
This also means that when we recognize that way of thinking, we realize that we can form, change, or tweak our beliefs so that what we truly want would come true.
When Dan was diagnosed I was told that he won’t be able to learn much  He was different. He will not be able to do what others could. His mind was like an unknown terrain. It was scary. But then when I got the courage, I started to explore, find paths, and pave new ways that would enable me – and him – move from one positive place to another. I am not done exploring because new possibilities present themselves all the time. Opportunities come along, and I grab them and move forward to the next peak. Whenever I reach a high point, I always look to find the next one, and the road to the next one may pass through a dark shadowed valley, but I keep moving on, him and me concurring one area at a time.
Let your thoughts and beliefs be in a positive place, and go explore where you can take your child next.

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