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Shirley Blaier-Stein

Author, Attorney, Autism Activist, and Inspirational Speaker

הספר אמא אוטיזם

Autism Mom

New Ways of Thinking

La aguja de la justicia

The Needle Of Justice

A Legal Thriller


Shirley’s first book, Autism Mom: New Ways of Thinking, tells the story of her journey from hopeless to empowered and introduces new concepts in understanding autism.

Shirley speaks before parents, professionals, companies and organizations and is known to inspire her listeners and open their minds to a different understanding of autism and the potential of people with autism. Among Shirley’s many speaking engagements, she had spoken twice at the United Nations – once at the General Assembly – and has appeared on local and international television.

Before Shirley moved back to Israel, following her husband’s appointment as a Supreme Court Justice, she also ran an advocacy practice where she helped autism parents vindicate their child’s rights and create the best school and home program to enable their child to reach his or her true potential.

Shirley now lives in a village near Jerusalem with her husband and three children.

The Needle Of Justice

Maya Stone, an autism mom from Fairview, Connecticut, dealing with her son Ben’s day-to-day hardship, observes in horror how the number of children affected by neurological disorders in the United States is rising exponentially and nobody can explain why.
Maya, who used to practice law, comes up with a legal theory that turns into a class action involving many families in order to expose the truth behind the suffering of so many children.

How far would the defendants go to protect their multimillion-dollar enterprise?
Would Maya’s son stay safe?

How will the needle of justice turn?

autism mom
autism mom

Autism Mom

At age 33, it seemed that Shirley Blaier-Stein had it all. She lived in New York City with her loving husband and beautiful boy and was well into a successful legal career. When her son Dan was diagnosed with autism at age three, her world falls apart. Lonely, isolated, and with no answers or hope from doctors, she realizes that she has to pave her own road to Dan’s healing.

Determined to not leave a rock unturned, Shirley dives into learning everything she can about autism and treatments. She comes across the amazing story of Joseph, a spiritual healer who was severely autistic as a child. Joseph explains to her that autism is a language that most people don’t understand, and that parents are the autistic child’s primary healers and channels to the world.

Autism Mom unfolds a riveting story on how to understand autism, speak its language, and truly communicate with the autistic child. 

Presentations & Autism Advocacy

I'm available for presentations via zoom and I'm happy to contribute at any matter related to the cause.

From stay-at-home autism mom to career and self-fulfillment

My son Dan – now 17 years old – took me on a journey that taught me a lot about autism, about Dan, and also about myself.
I went from a Manhattan attorney to a stay-at-home autism mom, and today I'm an author, advocate and director of research and development in the field.

How to help your child advance the most – by helping yourself

They always tell us to put the oxygen mask first, but how many of us really do that in real life? Let me walk with you on your journey with autism, show you how to get to a better, stronger self, and then see how your child soars too.

You, your partner, and the family – autism affects everyone

My husband and I had to work very hard on finding our new selves in the autism world, and on finding a new path as a couple and as a family. Let me share with you how we handled that important piece of our lives, so you can do it too.

Creating an autism friendly environment for your community

One of my favorite topics to talk about is how to help children and people with autism reach their potential. So many of them have valuable gifts and they often need our help to expose them. Once they do, it's important to maintain an autism friendly environment so they can be productive in their own space.

Creating the best program for your child by combining methods of therapy

On my journey to help Dan I have acquired a theoretical doctorate in autism treatment and therapy. Working in the field now I am able to tailor the perfect support for any child. Let me help you define your child's needs and best support her in her progress.

Health, law, and policy

There are many crossroads between health and law when it comes to autism. No matter what challenge you're facing at the moment, I'd love to put my legal expertise and my vast knowledge in all aspects of autism to good use and help you.

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